As we now, workshop and warehouse staff work long hours every day, good lights are essential for workers.But do you know how to choose good lights? LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, which light source is the least harmful to eyes?

First at all, you should know what are the behaviors that lights hurt your eyes. The Main influencing factors:

  1. Not bright enough;
  2. Dazzling;
  3. Flickering.

These three factors will directly damage your eyes, causing fatigue and myopia.Indirect factors: 1. Poor color rendering; 2. Wrong use of light color temperature. These two factors may not directly hurt your eyes, but will make your eyes uncomfortable. Of course, there are other factors such as improper sitting posture.

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For industrial lighting, what parameter can be used to measure “eye protection”? According to the industrial lighting design standard gb50034-92, industrial lighting must meet the relevant indicators in terms of illuminance, illuminance uniformity, color temperature, stroboscopic, etc.

 Light Source Led LampFluorescent LampHalogen LampIncandescent Lamp
Intensity Of IlluminationMultipleMultipleMultipleLack
Dazzle LightMultiplePoorAttentionPoor
Color RenderingMultipleGeneralGoodGood
Color TemperatureMultipleMultipleLow CctLow Cct

After such comparison, you will find that the quality of traditional light sources is mixed, while LED lights are relatively easy to do well in all parameters, so don’t over demonize the problem of LED lights, in fact, many of the problems that have been exposed are poor LED lights. We need to use the qualified products correctly. The LED lights with good quality will protect your eyes.

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