How difficult is it to buy a lamp? I believe that people who have bought it all know that the lamps they buy often have small problems, the color temperature is difficult to guarantee, and the lumen is not clear. Today we will talk about the mistakes when we buying lamps.

When replacing traditional lamps with LED lamps

Purchased lamps with different light distributions. This is probably the most common problem in the process of replacing traditional lamps with LED lamps. Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps have a more directional light distribution. Fluorescent lamps emit light at all angles around them, but LEDs have different light distributions. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lights emit more concentrated light.


buy a sample for trial First, but this may be a little difficult, the necessity of selecting test supplies is relatively low for most self-employed.

Bought a lamp that was too “cold”

Regarding the color temperature, the color temperature of incandescent lamps is 2700K, and the color temperature of halogen lamps is 3000K. If you replace them with LED lights of 5000K color temperature, the whole space will look very cold.


Before buying the lamps, you should have a full acknowledge about the color temperature.

Ignore the color rendering of the lamp

the lamps with a color rendering index of 80 or preferably 90. A special weakness of LED lights is R9. We know that Ra is based on 8 color evaluation indicators and has 8 color samples, so it is a good practice to measure R9. We can observe whether the color of the hand is more realistic under the light.


Check the specific color rendering index of the product.

The dimmer is not compatible with the LED light

LEDs can not be dimmed smoothly with incandescent or halogen dimmers. Under low lighting levels, strobes may occur. This is because the resistance load of the incandescent lamp dimmer sometimes interferes with the LED-driven electronic equipment, causing component failure.


Optional matching LED dimmer.

The lamp I bought had too much glare

Thanks to LEDs, the problem of glare is back. Especially in the office, usually all the light emitted by the LED panel is reflected on the diffuse reflection surface of the lamp, that is, the plane of the lamp, instead of emitting light under a bowl-shaped or louver-shaped optical system. This will produce too much light, so the unified glare index UGR should be less than 19. This result is very credible.


Simulate and calculate the glare index of the lamp, or directly ask the supplier about the proper installation example of UGR of the lamp.

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