At 14:00 on July 25, 2020 Saturday, the capping ceremony of Inogeno’s capital increase and production expansion new industrial park project was grandly held!

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhou Wenbo, general manager of Inogeno, gave a speech and announced the start of the topping ceremony. With the last concrete pouring in place, the topping ceremony for the capital increase and expansion project of Inogeno New Industrial Park was completed!

The capping is a phased victory and a new beginning. The interior decoration of the park building is also in full swing. It is expected to move into the new park at the end of this year, and then we will witness the new look of inogeno Group!

In the next step, all employees of Inogeno will continue to carry forward the Inogeno spirit of “professional focus, pursuit of excellence” with more enthusiasm and a serious and responsible attitude, and serve customers faster and better!

Inogeno products are widely used in squares, train stations/high-speed rail stations/airports, parking lots, stadiums, stadiums, stadiums and other sports venues, gardens, parks, highways, country roads, streets, bridges, tunnels, warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, gas stations Waiting for outdoor lighting and industrial lighting.