On the morning of August 4, 2021, the ceremony of “Global first award  UL 8801 certificate of solar street light System” of THAILIGHT was successfully held in Guangzhou. China Association of Lighting Industry, Guangdong Lighting Association, Vice President & General Manager AHL COU, UL Senior Director & Regional GM, AHL, AP & MEA, UL Greater China Lighting industry Sales Manager, TAMLITE lighting China Regional Director attended and witnessed the certification ceremony together with Mr. Kevin Zhou, the general manager of THAILIGHT.

Dongguan Thailight Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. has become the world’s first solar street lights manufacturer to obtain UL 8801 certification, which makes photovoltaic lighting products have specifications and standards, which is a milestone in lighting industry. Mr. Kevin Zhou said: “THAILIGHT is honored to be the world’s first solar lamp manufacturer to obtain UL 8801 certification. It is both an honor and a responsibility. In the future, we will continue to uphold the purpose of integrity, precision and win-win cooperation with UL and other lighting industry company in the fields of technological innovation and application, to make a great contribution to the progress in the lighting industry together “!

Mr. Kevin Zhou(left) &Mr. Steven Kang, UL Vice President & General Manager AHL COU

Host: Mr. Hong, general manager of the Light of China

Mr. Kevin Zhou, the general manager of THAILIGHT, Mr. Nie, Secretary General of Guangdong Lighting Association, Mr. Steven Kang, UL Vice President & General Manager AHL COU, respectively delivered speeches at the press conference.

Mr. Kevin Zhou,the general manager of THAILIGHT


Mr. Nie , Secretary General of Guangdong Lighting Association


Mr. Steven Kang, UL Vice President & General Manager AHL COU


Mr. Nie , Secretary General of Guangdong Lighting Association, said: “Solar lamps fundamentally reduce the use of fossil energy and will make a great contribution to carbon emission reduction all over the world. With the improvement of the conversion rate of photovoltaic equipment, solar lamps and lanterns will become an important branch of lighting luminaires.”

The UL 8801 certification of solar street lights is a milestone in lighting industry

Mr. Steven Kang, UL Vice President & General Manager AHL COU, said: “as a new lighting system, especially the lighting system based on green energy, solar street lights involves not only lighting, but also batteries, photovoltaic, and even controls and intelligence. Integrating so many different technologies together is a cross domain knowledge structure and faces great challenges. The technical team of THAILIGHT has successfully completed this challenge with their technological innovation and technical reserves. ”

Mr Ling, chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Association, also mentioned: “Solar street lights has a history of more than 20 years, but the system certification and system standards can be said to be a blank in our country. But today, the first global UL 8801 certification certificate for solar street lamps was born, which plays a very important guiding role in expanding our entire lighting industry to a dual-state direction. ”

Mr. Ling, chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Association


About THAILIGHT- the first solar street lights manufacturer in the world to obtain UL 8801 certification

THAILIGHT was established in 2009, located in Dongguan city, Guangdong of China, is a national high-tech enterprise with full R&D, production, sales, technical support team. THAILIGHT factory covers an area of 86000 ㎡ , and it is well-equipped with aluminum die casting, CNC processing, paint baking, power and control manufacturing departments and highly automated assembly plant.

For more than 12 years, THAILIGHT has been committed to developing and manufacturing high-end outdoor lighting and industrial lighting from 8W to 1000W. Our main products are LED solar street lights, LED street lightsLED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED landscape lights, LED wall packs, etc. THAILIGHT also providing one-stop solutions for various types of lighting projects, which covers over 50 states in the United States.

THAILIGHT owns a UL approved WTDP lighting test laboratory, solar street lights, led street lights, landscape lights, led flood lights, led wall packs and led high bay lights are certified by UL, cUL and DLC. We are also the first solar street lights manufacturer in the world to obtain UL 8801 certification.

The professional team, complete industrial chain and advanced production equipment effectively ensure the high quality, low cost and fast delivery of Thailight products, to help the achievement of production and quality goals of lighting engineering projects!

Mr. Wen, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of lighting industry, commented: ” I have visited THAILIGHT last year. What I have learned is that THAILIGHT is a very focused enterprise. The first point of it is focusing on market segments, they produce outdoor high-power products mainly; The other one is their products mainly supplied to the North American market. The product design and the whole industrial design are more in line with the market demand of North America, and the customer satisfaction is relatively high.

Mr. Wen, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of lighting industry

The cooperation between THAILIGHT, the excellent lighting company of China and UL, world-famous testing and certification company, which marked that THAILIGHT products are more authoritative and feasible in terms of use safety. It is also the full affirmation of the quality of THAILIGHT products by lighting industry. We believe that more company will obtain this UL 8801 certification in the future, and we also believe that THAILIGHT will develop better and better in the future. ”