INOGENO SSA Series Solar Billboard Light

  1. Solar panels with up to 22% conversion efficiency.
  2. Can sustain lighting for 2 consecutive days of rainy and cloudy weather.
  3. High brightness output: 150LM/W. More than 2000 cycles lifespan Lifepo4 battery.
  4. Lifetime: up to 3years. CCT 3000/4000/5000K optional.
  5. Working Temperature: 0~40℃/ -30~40℃(Optional).
  6. Ventilation and convection to reduce the temperature of the battery compartment.

Product Feature

SSA series is a kind of solar billboard light, which are suitable for billboard ,entrance logo, building name and other similar signs, with a good looking and practical integrated design.

Product Nomenclature

Product Parameter



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