• Solar panels with up to 22% conversion efficiency.
  • Flexible installation: pole mounted/wall mounted, slip fitter.
  • Optional energy-saving mode by remote control.
  • Can sustain lighting for 3 consecutive days of rainy and cloudy weather.
  • High brightness output: 150LM/W.
  • A+ lithium battery (automotive grade power battery).
  • Lifetime: up to 3 years.
  • Over 1000 successful lighting cases worldwide.

Product Feature

STO is an economical solar integrated street lamp, It has a beautiful appearance design, rich functions, suitable for roads, gardens, small squares and courtyards and other places. The solar panel are made from power station level photovoltaic panels, providing high photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Product Nomenclature 

Product Parameter

Battery Management

  • It adopts an automotive-grade LiFePO4 battery. Low rate current discharge, effectively prolong battery life.
  • The low-temperature version of the product battery cell uses a proprietary material formula that allows the battery to work normally on a normal charge at -30 °C .
  • Combined with exclusive patented battery management technology, the battery life is up to 5 years or more.
  • The battery pack has the functions of over-charge protection, over-discharge protection and over-temperature protection.


1. MPPT -DC infrared induction boost constant current integrated solar controller, maximum power tracking
efficiency > 99%
2. Full digital control technology, full range synchronous rectification, charging conversion efficiency up to
96%, discharge conversion efficiency up to 95.5%
3. Pyroelectric human body infrared induction function
4. Five phases time and power adjustment, occupied and unmanned power adjustable from 0~100%
5. 10 to 150S adjustable induction delay time
6. Operating parameters and status are readable
7. When the battery power is low, you can set the automatic power reduction operation.
8. Power reduction point and power reduction proportion can be set
9. Automatic battery power balanced 365 mode
10. Automatic light control point adjustment function
11. Equipped with LCD screen infrared remote control
12. Comprehensive electronic protection


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